Official statement

June 28, 2017

There is a lot of information in media concerning Vladimir Kekhman’s status at the theatre, most of that information is false. NOVAT is ready to give you the facts.

On 3rd April Ida and Vladimir Kekhman had a baby, the girl was named Anastasiya. For that reason Vladimir Kekhman has taken a leave to take care of the child with his family.

Despite the rumors produced by the old “friends” of the theatre Nataliya Pinus and Anna Tereshkova, this is not a three year leave. The Director General has total control of the situation and will be absent the exact amount of time the real situation at the theatre can withstand. In addition to that, during the leave he has already negotiated with a number of artists, conductors, choreographers, directors, an artistic schedule for the theatre up to 2020. It will be released in September, on the eve of new NOVAT season.

Unlike some media resources say, the acting Director General of NOVAT Snezhana Lyubar is designated for that post not by an appointment order of the Ministry of Culture, but the one by Vladimir Kekhman and is coordinated with the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky; she will only act for the Director General during his actual leave.

Vladimir Kekhman will visit Novosibirsk on 13th July. He will take part in laying the Walk of Fame at a park neighboring the theatre.