Veterans and Retirees of NOVAT will Receive Targeted Financial Aid

June 03, 2016

The number of retirees who worked for the Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatre is about 200 people. In 2015 10 people selected by theatre ex-director Boris Mezdrich received financial aid from the Theatre. The total sum of payments amounted 1 719 546 rubles.

Management of NOVAT believes that extra-budgetary funds available to the theatre must be used for targeted support of those veterans and retirees who truly need such assistance, while the majority of ex-employees of the Theatre who were being paid, successfully continue working and draw salaries apart from receiving state pension.

Cancellation of payments from extra-budgetary funds is a forced decision. Financial problems and debt obligations of the Theatre, inherited from the previous management, have compelled present administration to undertake a total revision of expense items. At the same time management of NOVAT acknowledges that the Theatre’s retirees deprived of payments were not properly informed about that decision, and this is outrageous and inadmissible. This fact is subject to functional audit. Those who are guilty will receive punishment.

Next week Director General of NOVAT V.A. Kekhman will hold a meeting with ex-employees of the Theatre, presently retirees. Following the discussion the Theatre is planning on forming a new approach to financial support for pensioners that will meet principles of social fairness and solidarity of generations.