Guest production staff

Vadim Dulenko

Director, Artistic Director, 2D/3D designer, programmer, video editor, color stylist.

Born in St.-Petersburg in 1969.

He graduated from Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI specializing in research engineering and programming.

In the beginning of 1990s he stood at the origins of Russian CGI software development and image editing. His interest in CGI brought him in the TV world, where by the year 1997 he had in his portfolio several dozens of music videos and TV programs.

Thus far the studio he founded in 1997 has produced more than a thousand commercials, presentation videos and performed post production for numerous shows.

In 2006 he founded a full-service film studio, which launched with a full-length movie Tekhnologiya (released 2008) directed by Vadim Dulenko.

In 2009 he discovered graphical projection and 3D mapping, which helped him create video scenery for more than 35 productions in theatres of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Riga and Astana. He also created video design for sport shows and festivals. He conducted scientific and artistic research in projection and video technology field for interactive exhibitions at museums and media centers. His video installations were numerous times displayed at museums and contemporary art centers.