Guest production staff

Elena Oleynik

Elena Oleynik is Production Designer, Fashion Designer, Director General and Art Director of Elena Oleynik Fashion House, Laureate of the Russian Federation Government Prize in Culture for 2007.

She graduated from the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture specializing in City Architecture and then worked with the public enterprise Chitagrazhdanproyekt.

In 1992-1998 she worked with the Chita Regional Drama Theatre as Production Designer. Over the years spent with the theatre she has designed costumed and sets for more than 32 productions, later in 1996 she was awarded with the Golden Palm for Technical and artistic implementation of productions at the Chita Regional Drama Theatre. In 1996 she was nominated for the State Prize in Art for set and costume design for A. Dudarev’s Evening staged by N. Berezin.

In 1993-1994 Elena did a placement at the Moscow theatres under V. Podgorodinsky. Since 1996 she cooperated with the State Theatre of National Cultures Zabaykalskie Uzory, for which she created 20 original costume collections. They followed the theatre company on its tours to Tunisia, Belorussia, Mongolia, Italy, Spain, Poland, France, China and other countries.

Since 1998 Elena Oleynik has been the position of Production Designer with the Pokrovka Theatre under S. Artsibashev. Since 1999 she has been Stage Designer with the Novosibirsk Academic Young Spectator's Globus Theatre.

In 2000 she launched Elena Oleynik Fashion House, which has been productively cooperating with the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. The House’s workshops have produced costumes for quite a few productions by the Theatre.

Since 2015 Elena Oleynik has been official fashion designer for the Snow Queen International Beauty Contest in China (Manzhouli), conducted by the Government of Northern China and the Manzhouli Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Elena Oleynik is actively involved with the fashion industry, theatre and show business; she designs collections for artists and fashion shows in addition to teaching, conducting master classes and judging National and International competitions.