Concert hall

The Three Little Pigs

ballet for children in two acts
music by Sanat Kibirova
choreography by Mintay Tleubayev


Milan Voronyuk
Ilya Solomonov


Staging by Mintay Tleubayev
Stage Designer: Nikolay Rymzhanov
Répétiteurs: Nina Furalyova, Sergey Krupko

1 hour 10 minutes

one interval

Première of the production: 17 May 1991

The ballet is performed to a recording

Brave little pigs Nif, Nuf and Nafa plunge into a true adventure. Quite a number of dangers lie in wait for them on this way, but the forest dwellers — graceful Butterflies, tireless Ants, nimble Squirrel and serious-minded Hedgehog — will help the friends to give a crafty Wolf a lesson and to build their house. The admirable tale narrated in the classical ballet language promises small theatre goers fascinating children’s matinee.

The story will tell you
About the little lazy pigs
And you’ll learn that
Labor and Friendship
Will win it all.

Once upon a time there lived three little pigs — Nif, Nuf and their sister Nafa. One day they went for a walk to the woods. They went on and on and didn’t realize that night closed in. The little pigs huddled up to one another and fell asleep. Early in the morning, on the fringe of the forest, where the little pigs were sleeping, the work started humming: tireless ants, the busy squirrel and the thorny hedgehog were building a house to keep them warm in winter. “Will you let us join you, guys,” the little pigs asked. “We will help you build a new house,” they said. “Okey, but don’t make any noise, — the hedgehog warned them. — If the wolf hears you, it will turn out badly for all of us.” The piglets got down to work. However, soon they got tired of it. It’s so much more pleasant to make merry and do nothing. They forgot about everything and went running around the woods chasing butterflies, and made so much noise that they woke the wolf up. The sleepy, hungry and very angry wolf appeared from the bushes... Poor little piglets! They had never seen a real wolf before and made off at once. They were followed by the wolf, who was knocking down bushes and clattering with his teeth. The animals on the fringe of the woods heard the sound of the chase. The builders got worried. They had to save the guilty piglets. No sooner had the wolf appeared on the fringe, than the hedgehog raised his hackles, the ants confronted the wolf, the squirrel volleyed it with nuts and cones. The wolf was so surprised that it lost his courage and got trapped. And he became so pathetic, miserable and not frightful at all. Meanwhile the little pigs came to their senses and understood that they had behaved very badly, when they left their friends. They took pity on the wolf, gave him tasty cereal, and then all together they got back to work.