New Juliet

November 18, 2016

Olga Grishenkova will perform the part of Juliet in Sergey Prokofievs ballet Romeo and Juliet for the first time. Her debut will take place on November 25, next performance will be on November 27. Roman Polkovnikov will perform the role of Romeo in these shows.

During recent several seasons Olga Grishenkova gradually grew from a modest corps de ballet dancer to a soloist. Today her repertoire includes main parts in such classical ballets as Giselle, Odette/Odile, Medora, Gulnara, Ghamzatti. In Spartacus she performs the role of Spartacus girlfriend Phrygia. Quite recently the dancer was entrusted the part of Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty. Izvestiya newspaper marked irreproachable lines and grace of the young ballerina in a review of the new production.

While fairies determine Auroras destiny, Juliet has to make her own choice. In the new role the dancer must show how the heroine a fragile girl turns into a strong personality capable of standing against the unfair and senseless feud of the two clans. The role of Juliet demands special responsibility from the young artist, as in the previous productions this part was performed by such famous ballerinas as Nina Timofeeva, Tatiana Zimina, Lidia Krupenina.