Small stage

The Three Little Pigs

ballet for children in two acts
music by Sanat Kibirova


Libretto and choreography: Mintai Tleubaev
Production Designer: Nurlan Rymzhanov

Choreography revived by: Nina Furaleva, Maxim Grishenkov
Scenography revived by: Timur Gulyaev
Costume design revived by: Galina Tarskikh
Lighting score revived by: Igor Yakushev
Performed to a playback

1 hour 5 minut

one interval

Premiered on 17 May 1991
Performance revived on 2 November 2019

Three brave little pigs go on adventure. This is a dangerous path, but they will manage to teach a sly Wolf a lesson and build themselves a house with a help of forest creatures - graceful Butterflies, tireless Ants, a quick Squirrel and a hefty Hedgehog . This amazing tale told in classical ballet language will bring a lot of bright impressions to the members of our younger audience.

This is a story of three lazy pigs
And how work and friendship accomplish great deeds

The three pigs lived a happy life together, two brothers – Nif, Nuf and their sister Naf. Once they decided to go for a walk in the forest.
They kept walking until they realized the night fell. They huddled up to one another for warmth and fell asleep.
Early in the morning the work has begun on the woodside where the pigs slept. Steadfast ants, busy squirrel, prickly hedgehog were busy building themselves sustainable winter lodging.
Can you share this place with us? -
Little pigs addressed to them.
We will help you build the house,
Get it done with one accord
“Okay, but promise to be quiet”, the hedgehog warned them, “Once the wolf hears you, we all get in trouble”.
The three pigs got down to work. But soon enough they got bored, because it’s more fun just to fool around.
They forgot the warning and started running around, chasing butterflies and got so noisy, they woke up the wolf. And so a sleepy, angry and hungry wolf appeared out of the bushes.
Poor little pigs! They had never seen a real wolf before, so they took to their heels scared to death. The wolf ran after them breaking shrubs and chattering his teeth.
The sound of the chase reached the woodside. The merry housebuilders took alarm. The delinquent little pigs needed rescuing. As soon as the wolf appeared on the site, he was countered by an angry hedgehog, the ants rushed towards him, the squirrel showered nuts and pine-cones upon him. The wolf was so surprised he got lost and fell into the trap. Suddenly he became so miserable, silly and not scary at all.
Meanwhile the little pigs recovered and realized that running from their friends was a terribly bad idea. Finally the company took pity on the wolf, fed him delicious porridge and together they continued building.