Large hall

The Nutcracker

ballet in two acts
music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky
choreography by Vasily Vaynonen


The Nutcracker-Prince
Pavel Klinichev


Choreography by Vasily Vaynonen
Staging by Igor Zelensky
Ballet Master: Vyacheslav Khomyakov
Stage Design: Ezio Frigerio
Costume Design: Franca Squarciapino
Lighting Design: Vinicio Cheli

2 hours 20 minutes

one intermission

Première of the production: 25 December 2013

The fairy winter’s tale is always associated with the glorious music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Miraculous transformations, fight against the Mouse King, love of Masha and Nutcracker, the snow kingdom with snowflakes sparkling like diamonds and the entire placer of the most beautiful dances touch the feelings of both children and adults for already more than 120 years. Getting to know the art of ballet and the immortal masterpiece of music by Tchaikovsky is the best New Year’s Eve present.

Act I


An old German town. Beginning of the 19th century. It is Christmas Eve and the streets are busy and festive.

Scene 1

The large, brightly lit house of Herr Stahlbaum, a Christmas tree glitters with colorful lights. The hosts are waiting for the guests to arrive. One of those is Drosselmeyer, an elderly magician and toy master. When he arrives carrying presents, the party begins. Children dance and play blindman’s buff. Drosselmeyer puts on a puppet show and tells a story about the wicked Mouse King, the spoiled Princess, and the courageous Nutcracker. With a wave of a magic wand clockwork toys — a Doll, a Clown, and a Moor — dance for the children. Masha, the little hostess of the party, is enchanted by the Nutcracker. Drosselmeyer give the toy to Masha, but her brother, the naughty Franz, try to get the Nutcracker and accidentally tears its head off. Masha is distraught, but Drosselmeyer quickly fixes the toy. The glad girl dances with its beloved toy. The clock strikes, the party is nearly over. It ends with a farewell dance. The guests depart, the happy children leave the Stahlbaums’ house carrying their presents. The lights on the Christmas tree go off, Masha’s nanny takes the girl to bed...

Scene 2

Candles are extinguished, the living room is flooded with moonlight. The Christmas tree glitters with magic lights. The clock strikes midnight. Some noise wakes the girl up. She is horrified to find out that the whole army of mice made themselves at home. The Mouse King appears out of the blue. Suddenly the Christmas tree starts growing, the toys, including the Nutcracker, come alive. He leads the cavalry and the soldiers in the attack against the mice. It is an uneven confrontation. In the critical moment of the fight, Masha overcomes her fear and throws her her slipper at the Mouse King, thus saving the Nutcracker. The mice are defeated, the disappear together with their King. With his magic wand Drosselmeyer turns the Nutcracker into a beautiful Prince. Masha and her hero are caught up in a blizzard and their journey to the fairytale land begins.

Act II

Scene 1

Masha and the Nutcracker are traveling in a magic carriage. Suddenly they are attacked by the bats, but the Prince easily wins the last battle and clears the way to the enchanted island. They are welcomed by friends, and the party begins. Masha and the Nutcracker dance and celebrate with the others.

Scene 2

Suddenly the light goes off. It’s morning. The magic dream is over. Masha wakes up. She’s a child again, and she’s holding just a toy, the Nutcracker...