Grand stage

STARRING Olga Grishenkova, Ksenia Zakharova, Roman Polkovnikov, Nikita Koltunov, Conductor Evgeny Volynsky

La Bayadere

ballet in three acts
music byLudwigMinkus
choreography: Nacho Duato after Marius Petipa

The perfomance is involved in the action
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Libretto: Marius Petipa, Sergey Khudekov
Choreography: Nacho Duato after Marius Petipa

Stage Director, Choreographer: Nacho Duato
Set Designer: Angelina Atlagich
Lighting Designer: Brad Fields
Music Director, Conductor: Karen Durgaryan
Conductor: Evgeny Volynsky
Assistant Choreographers: Gentian Doda, Nina Ananiashvili
Guest Ballet Tutors: Zhanna Ayupova, Leonid Sarafanov, Denis Tolmachev, Elvira Khabibullina
Assistant Lighting Designer: Alexander Kibitkin

2 hours 30 minutes

two intermissions

A tragic love story of an Indian temple dancer Nikiya and a noble warrior Solor comes to live in amazing dances of La Bayadère ballet. For more than hundred and fifty years the audiences have been fascinated with exquisite classical ballet and exotic luxurious settings seamlessly intertwined in this classical masterpiece. Nacho Duato came up with a revised version of this production akin to Marius Patipas original choreography. He kept the familiar sequence of scenes and dramatic climaxes, as well as the iconic pieces of choreography. In addition to that, the ballet lost the overload of quiescent episodes, having them replaced with marvelous choreographic patterns.

Act I

Scene 1

Young warriors led by Solor are coming back from the hunt. He asks them to leave him alone by the sacred fire. The noble warrior is madly in love with beautiful Nikiya, the temple dancer. He asks fakir Magedaveya to tell her that he will be waiting for her at night.

The High Brahmin and priests are solemnly leaving the temple. Fire worship ritual begins. Fakirs and bayaderes perform sacred dances, Nikiya being one of them. Her mesmerizing dance becomes the pinnacle event of the night. The High Brahmin is blown away by her beauty. Having forgotten of his ordination and vow of celibacy, the High Brahmin confesses his love to her and promises to place all the riches of India at her feet. Disgusted, Nikiya turns down his wooing. Magedaveya manages to tell the bayadere that Solor will come to meet her.

Solor and Nikiya finally meet at night. Their rendezvous is guarded by the fakir. By the sacred fire the young warrior swears eternal love and loyalty to the girl. The High Brahmin overhears their conversation. He promises to take vengeance on the lovers.

Scene 2

Dugmanta tells his daughter Gamzatti that she is about to become wife to the bravest warrior Solor. Gamzatti couldnt be happier. Enters Solor. Raja releases the long anticipated announcement and introduces the bride and the groom to each other. The warrior is confused: he cannot disobey rajas word and cannot break the vow he gave to Nikiya, he loves her.

Enters the High Brahmin. Driven by revenge he tells Dugmanta about Solor and Nikiya. Raja is furious, but he wont change his mind: his daughter will marry Solor and the bayadere will die. The High Brahmin didnt expect this turn of events, he only wanted to eliminate the competition, not his loved one. The High Brahmin threatens raja with the rage of gods, but Dugmanta stands his ground.

Gamzatti tells her slave to bring Nikiya. Rajas daughter overheard his fathers conversation with Brahmin and shes willing to act. Gamzatti tells the bayadere about her upcoming wedding and asks her to dance at the occasion. Nikiya is flattered and happily accepts the offer. Pursuing her own interests Gamzatti intentionally shows her the grooms portrait, who happens to be Solor.

Nikiya refuses to believe that: Solor swore his loyalty, Nikiya is the one he loves. Gamzatti demands that the bayadere give up on him. Nikiya would rather die than leave Solor. Infuriated, she draws a dagger and threatens Gamzatti. The slave barely manages to hold Nikiya back. Rajas proud daughter swears to have the bayadere killed.

Act II

Scene 3

A feast dedicated to Solor and Gamzattis engagement is being held at a square by rajas palace. Nikiya is supposed to entertain the guests with her dancing, but she cannot hide her grief, her eyes are fixed on her beloved Solor.

Fakir presents Nikiya a basket of flowers on behalf of Solor. This gift brings hope and joy to her dancing. Suddenly a snake crawls out of the flowers bringing death to Nikiya. She realizes that the flowers represent vengeance of rajas daughter. The High Brahmin promises to save her if she gives up on Solor, but Nikiya stands by her warrior and picks death.


Scene 4

Nothing can ease Solors pain, hes racked by remorse. Fakir is trying to console his master to no effect. Finally Solor loses himself in deep sleep. He sees the kingdom of the shades. They descend from the thrusts one after another, beautiful Nikiya being one of them.

Woken up he rushes to the temple, asking for forgiveness, but its too late. Enraged gods punish Solor for betrayal. The temple is obliterated under lightning and thunder.