Concert hall

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

opera for children in two acts
music by Sergey Banevich
production by Sergey Alexandrovsky



Play and verses by Nikolay Denisov based on the stories by H. C. Andersen revised by Sergey Alexandrovsky
Conductor: Alexander Bolshakov
Stage Director: Sergey Alexandrovsky
Stage Designer: Vladimir Fateyev
Chorus Masters: Vyacheslav Podyelsky, Alla Kim
Ballet Master: Tatiana Kapustina

1 hour 30 minutes

one interval

performed in Russian

Première of the production: 27 December 1992

The NOVAT turned “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” cautionary fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen into a spectacular production for children. Songlike music, interesting set designs, flamboyant costumes and, of course, touching storyline have ensured the opera by Sergey Banevich love of several generations of young theatre goers.

Our little friend, sit, be silent and listen,
We enter the world of your toys.
All the dolls stay still and elegant in the corner.
One of them is called Ballerina.
She will meet a toy Soldier.
And our story is about him!
The curtain goes up, the side scenes tremble:
There is a Mole and a Rat in our story;
There are two Nightingales, which differ from each other,
There is a little angry Devil, a Pig, and a Horse:
You can hear their toy hearts beating!
Take the Day and the Night with you!
Take the Sun, the Snow and Rain,
Take a simple Nightingale’s song,
Tender flower scents,
Grandfather’s clock chime,
Merry play of the stream:
Leave your childhood behind
And take a fairy tale with you!

Toys live their own life, and it turns out that their problems resemble ours! They also have their own toy ball parties...

All the characters of the fairy story have their own characters and biography. For example, the kind Doll and the Horse, the old toys, who have seen better days and are now forgotten by their young owners, have retained their big hearts and are ready to help out. The ill-tempered and arrogant Clockwork Nightingale considers itself to be an inimitable singer. And the Piggy Bank! We see the development of the character: from the dull and self-confident personage, looking down upon everybody, it turns into the creature that is afraid of being unnecessary, when there is no money left in it. It is only the kindness of the others that makes the Piggy Bank trust in other values. The brave Tin Soldier, who became an example of the virtue and honor, fidelity and loyalty, embodies those new values. The Soldier, although cast of tin, with his ardent heart will bring you into the world of Wonders!