Grand stage

STARRING Anna Odintsova, Ernest Latypov, Mikhail Lifentsev

Swan Lake

ballet in two acts, four scenes
music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky



Libretto by Vladimir Begichev and Vasily Geltser
Musical Director and Conductor: Evgeny Volynsky
Choreography: Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov
Revised by Konstantin Sergeyev, Igor Zelensky
Stage and Costume Designer: Luisa Spinatelli

2 hours 40 minutes

one intermission

Première of the production: 29 May 2010

The production was performed on tour to Paris (France, 2010), Madrid (Spain, 2011), Seoul (Korea, 2012), Bangkok (Thailand, 2015).

Repertoire of the Novosibirsk theatre cannot be imagined without the “Swan Lake”. The great ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky as choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanon has withstood more than 1200 performances but never lost its originality and charm. Splendid scenery by Louise Spinatelli and participation of stars of the Novosibirsk stage add some allure to this time-proven production.

Act I

Scene 1

Prince Siegfried is celebrating his coming of age with his friends in the palace. The atmosphere of the celebration is careless, full of merriment and joy, so characteristic of the youth.
The Princess Regent, Siegfried’s mother, is absorbed in thoughts about her son’s future. It’s time to choose a fiancée for the Prince. Siegfried feels sorrow for the careless world of his youth.
The Princess leaves and the feast goes on. But Siegfried can’t give himself to merriment any more. He feels lonely. He notices beautiful white swans, and in tender anticipation follows them.

Scene 2

The white swans — maidens transformed into swans by the evil magician Rothbart — live by the beautiful lake. Only at night can they assume human form.
On the shore of the lake the Prince meets Odette, the Queen of the swans. Her beauty strikes Siegfried, and he swears eternal love and fidelity to her, as only sincere and devoted love can save the girls from the evil spell.
It’s nearly dawn. Rothbart’s will separates Siegfried and Odette.

Act II

Scene 3

A ball party at the castle of the Princess Regent. Noble men and their daughters are invited to the castle: Siegfried is choosing a fiancée.
In the midst of the ball, an unknown knight arrives bringing his beautiful daughter. This is Rothbart with Odile, who strikingly resembles the Swan Queen. From this moment on, Odile gets all the attention of the Prince.
On Rothbart’s insistence, Siegfried swears eternal love to Odile, and instantly the beauty and the Evil Genius disappear. Something irreparable happened. Siegfried understands that he was deceived, he betrayed Odette and now she will perish: now she’s doomed for the burden of the evil spell forever. In despair, he rushes to the swan lake.

Scene 4

The swan-maidens get together by the lake. Odette is appalled by Siegfried’s betrayal. He begs Odette to forgive him: he loves her and swore eternal love to Odile just because he took her for Odette. The Swan Queen forgets her grief on seeing her beloved and devotes herself to the meeting, but Rothbart’s arrival breaks the happy moment.
Siegfried must fulfill his vow and marry Odile, and Odette at the dawn will turn into a swan forever. Odette prefers death to losing her beloved. Siegfried swears that he’ll die together with her. The poor girl hugs her beloved for the last time and runs to the cliff to dash from it. Siegfried hurries to Odette and dashes to the lake together with her. Rothbart drops dead.