Grand stage

STARRING Anna Germizeeva, Roman Polkovnikov, Mikhail Lifentsev, Konstantin Alexentsev

Romeo and Juliet

ballet in 3 acts
music by Sergey Prokofiev
choreography by Oleg Vinogradov



Libretto by Sergey Prokofiev, Sergey Radlov, Adrian Piotrovsky, Leonid Lavrovsky as revised by Oleg Vinogradov after a tragedy of the same name by William Shakespeare

Musical director and conductor: Dmitry Jurowski
Choreographer: Oleg Vinogradov
Stage designer: Semyon Pastukh
Costume designer: Galina Solovyova
Lighting designer: Alexander Kibitkin
Assistants to choreographer: Evgeny Neff, Evgeny Popov

2 hours 10 minutes

one intermission

Premiered on September 13, 2016

The upcoming Theatre season will be opened with Romeo and Juliet ballet production. Oleg Vinogradov is going to introduce his choreographic version of the eternal love story to the audience. Soothing inner light sent forth by the young Veronese lovers is threaded by dark, sinister ambience, where rituals and canons are hostile to a souls living motion. For the first time ever the choreographer resorted to this piece of literature on the Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatres stage precisely, afterwards presenting several more revisions. Almost half a century later the famous ballet will once again appear on the stage of NOVAT.

"...For never was a story of more woe..."

Two noble families, the Capulets and the Montagues ,have been at feud from olden times. Romeo, son of Montague, crosses young Juliets path at a ball held at the Capulet house. They fall in love with each other.

Once Juliet's relatives take Romeo for their sworn enemy's son, they get in the way of the lovers happiness.

Romeo and Juliet decide to secretly get married. Hoping that this marriage will putan end to the age-old conflict between the two families, father Lorenzo performs a wedding ceremony.

Yet the feud has its own sanguinary laws. During a street fight Romeo's friend Mercutio gets killed. Wishing to take revenge on Tibald for Mercutios death, Romeo stabs Tibald, his beloved's cousin

Romeo is forever banished by the Duke. Juliet's parents hurry to bestow her in marriage upon young count Paris. Only at the expense of her life Juliet can hold true to her love. She chooses death.

Romeo's life is impossible without his beloved one as well, so he lays hands on himself...

The memory of Romeo and Juliet's love still lives on as a legend in our days...