Small stage

STARRING Alexey Laushkin, Ksenia Golovina, Andrey Triller


small opera in one act
Music by Yuri Levitin
Poetry by Korney Tchukovsky



Production Director: Nikolay Natsybulin
Music Director: Tatiyana Smyslova
Children's Choir Master: Margarita Mezentseva
Designer: Anastasia Vyrupaeva
Lighting Designer: Igor Yakushev
Stage Movement Assistant: Dmitry Romanov

30 minutes

The premiere took place on May 16, 2021

Welcome, young friend of NOVAT! The NOVAT piccolo studio for children started its work in 2021. This time we invite young theatre-goers to visit the musical realm of one of the most unusual children's operas – Wash’em Clean (Moydodyr)! The opera soloists, the children's choir and the artists of the NOVAT Symphony Orchestra have prepared many musical surprises.

Korney Tchukovsky's fairy tale says how important it is to be clean and tidy, to have a wash “in the mornings and evenings.” It is worth becoming inured to this from early childhood, otherwise even trousers, books, blankets and pillows will scatter every which way. The Russian composer Yuri Levitin surprisingly turned Tchukovsky's tale about a piggy-wiggy and Moydodyr into a cheerful children's opera. Under a rapid whirlwind of sounds, a dirty boy runs away from Moydodyr, he meets ducklings, kittens, mice, bugs and spiders. Even the fearsome Crocodile instructs the restless muddy one to run home and wash up as soon as possible! Wash’em Clean is a real musical adventure, going to which young theatre-goers will be able to find out what opera is. Let's go to NOVAT piccolo!