Grand stage

STARRING Ekaterina Zabrovskaia, Evgeniy Zybin, Natalia Ershova


ballet in three acts
music by Sergey Prokofiev



Libretto by Nikolai Volkov after Charles Perraults tale of the same name
Choreography by Rostislav Zakharov
Original choreography revived by Mikhail Messerer
Ballet Master: Mikhail Messerer
Music Director and Conductor: Karen Durgaryan
Scenery and costume design: Piotr Williams
Scenery and costume design revived by Vyacheslav Okunev
Projection design, lighting design: Gleb Filshtinsky
Video content by: Show Consulting studio, St.-Petersburg  
Chief Video Designer with Show Consulting studio: Sergei Nikolaev
Lighting design executed by Alexander Kibitkin
Assistant Ballet Masters: Anna Razenko, Evgeny Popov
Ballet Tutors: Larisa Vasilevskaya, Tatiana Kladnichkina, Nina Furaleva, Vladimir Grigoriev, Evgeny Grashchenko, Maxim Grishenkov, Victoria Ryazhenova, Galina Sedova

2 hours 30 minutes

two intermissions

Premiered on May 16, 2018.

A modern version of the outstanding performance of 1945 is now revived in a way that is more familiar to contemporary audience. The hallmark of the production has been a successful combination of good old ballet classics and stage technologies of the XXI century. In this production visual computer effects get along with traditional costumes and props. The creator of the original choreographic version of the ballet, Rostislav Zakharov, referred to it as "a song about the spring of human life, about youth, about happiness, about a dream." Mikhail Messerer, while working on the reconstruction, followed the mood set by the ballets author.

Act one

A room in a wealthy house. It's getting late. Two girls, Cinderella's stepsisters, are embroidering a silk scarf; they are getting ready for a ball at the Prince's palace. The sisters are chatting over needlework; their mother is admiring her daughters while her stepdaughter Cinderella, as always, is sitting alone at a distance, by the fireplace. The stepmother dislikes Cinderella and forces her to do all the menial work around the house... But the embroidering does not last long a quarrel breaks out between the sisters over the scarf. Suddenly an old lady appears in the room. She begs for alms. The stepmother and sisters turn away from her, only Cinderella hands the beggar a piece of bread. After thanking the kind girl, the old lady disappears as imperceptibly as she came up. The dance master comes with a violin to repeat the learned dance and bows. Finally it's all right. The stepmother and sisters depart for the ball. The house seems empty. Cinderella is left alone with her sad thoughts. If only she could wear fancy dresses just like her sisters... But who will sew them for her? Cinderella remembered her mother. She takes out the portrait of the deceased and looks sadly at her beloved face. Cinderella dreams of a ball in the palace. Imperceptibly, the old lady reappears. This is a benevolent fairy; she manages to fulfill Cinderella's wish to attend the ball. Cinderella looks sadly at her old dress and worn-out slippers. Suddenly a pair of wonderful shiny slippers crops up in front of her, and the room is illuminated with a magical light. The fairies of the seasons appear to dress Cinderella for the ball. However, the girl must remember that exactly at midnight she will turn into a cinderwench again. The wall of the house seems to melt: the stars are shining, the windows of the palace, where the Prince is giving the ball, are sparkling in the distance. A gilded carriage is waiting for Cinderella. The girl gets into it and goes to the palace.

Act two

Its a magnificent ball in the palace. Guests perform primly in a ceremonial dance. Cinderella's stepmother and two stepsisters are among them. The Prince himself is not here yet. The courtiers are anxiously awaiting his appearance. And finally, here he is. The Prince quickly runs up the steps of the throne and offers to continue dancing. At this moment Cinderella appears. She is so beautiful that all eyes are drawn to her. The enchanted Prince can't take his eyes off her either. But he also captivates the girl's heart with his beauty and masculinity. Cinderella feels at ease in the palace. She approaches the sisters, who do not recognize the cinderwench in her gorgeous outfit. Amid the fun and dancing, happy Cinderella completely forgets about time. But the antique clock reminds her: It's time, Cinderella! It's time! the pendulum inexorably knocks, and Cinderella runs away. The clock strikes midnight. Leaving the palace, she loses her slipper in a hurry. There is no time to lift it. The Prince rushes after Cinderella. Where is the beautiful stranger? Find her, find her by all means! Suddenly a moonbeam falls on the slipper. The Prince picks it up and presses it to his heart. Perhaps, thanks to this slipper, he will be able to find the one he fell in love with at first sight.

Act three

The Prince has lost his peace; he demands to find the mistress of the slipper. All the best shoemakers of the kingdom were called to him. He orders to find the master who sewed the slipper, but no one knows him. The Prince decides to go in search of a stranger himself. He wanders all over the world in the hope of finding her. A lot of beauties are met by the Prince, but the slipper fit none of them. Disappointed, he returns home.

Cinderella is sleeping in her room; shes pressing the remaining slipper to her chest. A sunbeam that has made its way through the window wakes up the girl. Looking at the slipper, she immediately remembers the wonderful events of the memorable evening: the ball, the golden carriage, the fairy godmother, and the handsome Prince.

A crowd is running down the street. Everyone is excited. It's the Prince approaching. He's still looking for the girl who lost her slipper at the court ball. It is announced to all citizens that the Prince will marry the one who fits the slipper. Here is the Prince himself, exhausted by a long, unsuccessful search, but still determined and tireless. Is there the fugitive here? Sisters and stepmother flatteringly bow to the Prince; they also try on the slipper, but in vain: it's too petite and doesn't fit any of them. The stepmother decides to cut off her big toe to put on the slipper. The Prince's gaze falls on Cinderella who stands modestly aside. Suddenly Cinderella drops a slipper exactly the same one that the Prince found on the steps of the palace stairs. The stepmother and sisters cannot recover from amazement. A fairy slowly passes by the window, as if blessing Cinderella and the Prince.

Its enchanting night. Cinderella and the Prince are in a wonderful garden, they found each other. They have a long happy life ahead of them.