Small stage

STARRING Julia Shagdurova, Ekaterina Marzoeva, Nadezhda Nesterova, Shagdar Zonduev, Roman Vereshchagin, Andrey Isakov, Evgeniy Kozyrev, Conductor — Eldar Nagiev


opera for children in two acts after the fairy tale by Samuil Marshak



Libretto: Samuil Marshak, Ilya Polsky after on Samuil Marshak’s tale
Musical director and Conductor: Evgeny Volynsky
Stage Director: Vyacheslav Starodubtsev
Scenery: Timur Gulyaev
Costume Designer: Elena Oleynik
Lighting Designer: Igor Yakushev
Stage Movement: Sergei Zakharin
Conductor: Eldar Nagiev

1 hour 20 minutes

one intermission

Premiered on November 5, 2018

Childhood begins in NOVAT! This performance will open the doors for kids to an amazing, fabulous, incredibly beautiful and adventurous world of fairy tales and the world of opera. So many discoveries and wonders are waiting for young viewers!

For kids and their parents, the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre (NOVAT) presents a new production of the opera Terem-teremok by composer Ilya Polsky in the Small Hall. Together with funny characters — a Mouse, a Frog, a Fox, a Rooster, a Bear and a Wolf — young viewers will go to a fabulous forest and become participants in fun adventures. For many young visitors of NOVAT, this performance will be the first acquaintance with the world of theatre.

Act I

In the blooming meadow among the camomiles there is a beautiful Little Wooden House - Teremok. A Frog enters the meadow. She sees the Little House and knocks on the door. Nobody answers, and the Frog stays to live in the Little House.

A Mouse runs by. She likes the Little House very much. The Frog invites the Mouse inside.

A beautiful Rooster appears in the meadow. He carries notes in his hands. The Rooster is a very good singer. The Frog and the Mouse like his singing a lot. They gladly invite the Rooster in their Little House. A Little Prickly Hedgehog rolls in from behind the camomiles. He is well known among the animals as a handy master-builder. Of course, he appreciates the beautiful snug Little House. The inhabitants of the Little House take the Hedgehog into their family.

Suddenly a Wolf appears. He knocks on the gate and demands to open it. But the Little House owners—the Frog, the Mouse, the Rooster, and the Hedgehog—do not let the grey bandit inside. The Wolf threatens to deal away with them.

A thick forest. A Red Fox smartens up combing her brush. The Wolf rushes in. He tells the Red Fox about the Little House and promises her a good dinner, if she helps him open the gate.

The Red Fox advises to take a strong and scary Bear as a companion.

And here's the Bear himself, walking out ща the midwood. The Wolf and the Fox promise him delicious pies and Rooster's giblets, if he destroys the Little House.

The Bear agrees, and all of them together head off to storm the Little House.

Act II

Here is the Little House. The Bear knocks on the gate. The Wolf leans heavily on the gate, and the Bear leans on the Wolf. There's a loud crack. The Taliped Bear is glad because he thinks that the gate gives in. But it is, in fact, the sound of Wolf's bones cracking. The Wolf barely escapes the scene.

The silly Bear sees a little gap under the gate and decides to squeeze through that gap. Of course he gets stuck! The mischievous Fox promises to help the Bear and escapes. The Bear is very scared. He barely breaks free and runs back into the forest.

The Fox comes up with a new trick. She lures the Rooster out of the Little House with the flattering song, puts him in the bag, and sneaks away. The Rooster calls out for his friends' help. The Frog, the Mouse, and the Hedgehog run out of the Little House. Not wasting any time, the brave Little Hedgehog sets off to chase the red villainess down.

The forest. Trying not to get caught by the Hedgehog, the Fox puts the bag with the Rooster out of sight and hides herself. The Hedgehog founds the Fox and drags her out of her hiding place. The Red Fox is defeated. She begs for mercy and returns the Rooster, who's feeling sorry for believing the Fox's flattery.

The Little House inhabitants sing a jolly song about friendship, that helped them defeat the strong enemies.