Small stage

STARRING Ekaterina Marzoeva, Nikolay Loskutkin, Diana Belozor, Galina Kuznetsova, Victor Ditenbir, Conductor Eldar Nagiev

The Booted Cat

fairy-tale opera in one act, three scenes
Music by César Cui


Nikolay Loskutkin
Jean, Youngest Son
Julia Nikiforova
1 Lady in waiting (debut)
2 Lady in waiting
Wardrobe master (debut)


Libretto by Marina Pol after Charles Perraults tale
Orchestration by Alexander Abramenko

Stage Director, Artistic Concept: Vyacheslav Starodubtsev
Music Director and Conductor: Evgeny Volynsky
Set Designer: Timur Gulyaev
Costume Designer: Elena Oleynik
Lighting Designer: Irina Vtornikova
Video content: Vadim Dulenko
Movement Director: Sergei Zakharin
Conductor: Eldar Nagiev
Assistant Stage Director: Nikolai Natsybulin
Assistant Movement Director: Anna Ryabukhina
Childrens Chorus Master: Margarita Mezentseva

A fascinating story from the life of Puss in Boots

Long time ago, in a distant country lived a Miller, who had three sons: the Eldest, the Middle and the Youngest, whose name was Jean. They lived a poor life, so the sons inheritance was quite scanty: a mill, a mule and a cat. Therefore, the brothers had to decide who gets what.

The Eldest son commanded, without thinking twice: As the eldest one I am entitled to take the mill. The Middle one took the mule. And you, as the youngest, take the cat. Ha-ha-ha! And live a happy life with a cat. Farewell and goodbye!

So Jean ended up with the Cat. And here he is considering what to do with such an inheritance. Hes but an extra mouth to feed. Ill make a sleeve out of his fur, then fry his meat - I need to eat.

Having heard these words, the Cat came to his master saying: Chin up! Believe me, youll end up in high esteem! Your life is not so bad per se, but I will make it even better as soon as I have a pair of boots.

Jean had nothing better to do, and gave the Cat his only pair of boots. The Cat got into the boots and headed to the woods with solid step.

Meanwhile, at the kings nice and big palace, His Royal Highness the King and his daughter, the pretty Princess were receiving visitors. And after a long hard day, the King asked the Princess to sing a song for him. She agreed happily and started singing:

What have sung you, little bird?
Left us with our souls stirred.
Stay on our window sill,
Sing again and give us thrill.

Soon after, a courtier came to announce arrival of the Cat, seeking for an audience with the King. The Cat entered the chamber making reverent bows to His Royal Highness, stood in front of the King and produced a rabbit out of his boot: My Lord, this is a present from my master, Marquis of Carabas. The King expressed his gratitude to both Marquis and the Cat.

Meanwhile, Jean was daydreaming at the meadow by the pond. The Cat approached him to wake up and tell that he is from now called Marquis of Carabas. He also told him to jump into the pond and wait. The Youngest son obeyed and did as he had been told to. This being done, the Cat ran to the field and spoke to the harvestmen: You are about to see the King passing by and if you dont say that all these crops belong to Marquis of Carabas, they will order to make mincemeat out of you. The harvestmen agreed: All belongs to Marquis of Carabas!

As soon as the Cat spotted the Kings entourage he rushed out of the bushes and started crying for help: Marquis of Carabas is in the water! Hes drowning, he will die! The King immediately gave an order to rescue Marquis and granted him with one of the Kings dresses. When the King was passing by the harvestmen, he asked whose these crops and this castle were. They answered: All belongs to Marquis of Carabas! By this time Jean appeared, wearing his new rich dress. The King and the Princess were both so impressed with his looks and manners, that they invited themselves into the castle.

The Cat didnt waste time. He drew ahead of everyone and got to the Ogres castle, trembling with the screams of his hungry owner. As sly as the Cat was, he came up with a way to outsmart the ghastly Ogre. Sir Ogre, I hear that you are so clever, that you can turn yourself into any creature you please Or is it just a hearsay?.. said the Cat cunningly. You dont believe me? Behold, you cheeky fellow! said the Ogre and turned himself into a lion. The Cat continued: But can your ogreship become a small animal, like a mole or, say, a mouse? Youll see a mouse, bold face! roared the Orge and changed into a small mouse. The moment the Puss saw him in this form, he jumped at him and killed him on the spot. The Orges servants came running and willingly submitted to their new master.

About this time the King appeared with his entourage followed by Jean and the Princess. His Royal Highness admired the splendor of Marquiss castle and gave Jean his daughter in marriage.

And Im the one, who made it all happen! shouted the Cat proudly.