Large hall


Count Almaviva
Nikolay Loskutkin

3 hours 10 minutes

two interval

performed in Italian (with Russian surtitles)

Opera by Gioacchino Rossini is a must-have hit in repertoire of leading theatres of the world. Its humorous storyline and instantaneously recognizable tunes turned the opera into the most desirable one for the audience. Exuberance of the melodic curve and rich forms allow the singers, leading soloists of the opera to reveal their talent at its best.

Act 1. Scene 1.

A square in Seville at dawn. Count Almaviva is in front of doctor Bartolos house and singing a serenade with a group of musicians to his beloved Rosina, Bartolos foster daughter. Nobody is stepping out on the balcony. Barber Figaro, an old friend of the count, appears. Rosina steps out on the balcony and throws a written message to the count while being kept back by Bartolo in vain hope. She asks the count to tell her about who her admirer is, to give her his name. The count is not willing to reveal his high standing and is advised by Figaro to take an assumed name of student Lindoro. Then he gives the count a crafty piece of advice: in order to gain entry to the house he needs to play a drunken soldier of himself and demand a coaching room in Bartolos house.

Scene 2.

A room in Bartolos house. Rosina is longing for giving a note to Lindoro. Bartolo wants to marry her as soon as possible and lay hold on her dower the more especially as music tutor Basilio tells him that he saw Almaviva, Rosinas old wooer, in town. One needs to spread slander about him, Basilio encourages. Rosina manages to give the note to Figaro who is astonished by her quick-wittedness. Bartolo notices that Rosina was writing a letter and flies into a tantrum. The count dressed as a soldier is lumbering in. He also succeeds in passing a written massage on to Rosina but it doesnt slip Bartolos attention. There is a commotion, soldiers are running in to restore the order but the office recognized the count and greets him respectfully in the midst of everybodys surprise.

Act 2. Scene 1.

Bartolo is in his study. A young gentleman appears and calls himself Don Alonso: he is here to give Rosina a music lesson instead of Basilio who was taken ill. This again is disguised count. Figaro shaves the doctor trying to get the key to Rosinas room for the future escape. Suddenly unsuspecting music tutor Don Basilio appears at the door; Figaro convinces him that he looks terrible and must get into bed immediately. Don Basilio leaves. Bartolo is in doubt while being shaved by Figaro; finally he discovers the truth and drives everyone away. Old maid Berta is reasoning about doctors stupid heart-throb and her unjoyful fate.

Scene 2.

Bartolo, desiring to speed up the wedding, sends for a notary officer. Don Bartolo convinces Rosina of Lindoro deceiving her, of him being just an agent sent to kidnap her. Rosina is depressed. Suddenly Figaro and count, who reveals his true identity, appear. Rosina is happy. The lovers are trying to escape but, it turns out, Bartolo removed the ladder leant on the window.

No big deal at all, Figaro calms them down, here are the notary officer and Basilio as the best man. A covenant of marriage is being signed by Rosina and Almaviva immediately. All is already done and dusted by the time Bartolo is back with guards.