Small stage

STARRING Gury Guryev, Kristina Kalinina, Andrey Denisov, Olga Kolobova, Andrey Triller, Conductor Evgeny Volynsky


Don Giovanni

opera in two acts
production by Vyacheslav Starodubtsev


Don Giovanni
Nikolay Loskutkin
Donna Elvira


Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto: Lorenzo Da Ponte
Author of artistic concept and Production Director: Vyacheslav Starodubtsev
Musical Director and Conductor: Pyotr Belyakin
Production Designer: Timur Gulyaev
Costume Designer: Zhanna Usacheva
Lighting Designer: Irina Vtornikova
Video Designer: Vadim Dulenko
Stage Movement: Sergey Zakharin
Chief choirmaster: Vyacheslav Podielsky
Choirmaster: Sergey Tenitilov
Assistants to Stage Director: Igor Bondarenko, Nikolay Natsybulin

The production engages soloists of the Novosibirsk Opera as follows:
Guriy Guryev, Artem Akimov, Vitaly Novikov (Don Giovanni), Shagdar Zonduev, Alexey Laushkin, Nikolay Loskutkin (Commander), Sofia Bachaeva, Kristina Kalinina, Yulia Yumaeva (Donna Anna), Andrey Denisov, Vladimir Kuchin (Don Ottavio), Olga Kolobova , Irina Novikova, Yulia Shagdurova (Donna Elvira), Alexey Laushkin, Nikita Mukhin, Andrey Triller (Leporello), Konstantin Buinov, Nikita Mukhin (Masetto), Diana Belozor, Galina Petkevich, Daria Shuvalova (Zerlina).

*The cast is subject to change

2 hours 50 minutes

one intermission

The greatest of the operas, Mozart's Don Giovanni, returns to the stage of the Novosibirsk Opera 60 years on, and this event cannot be overestimated. On March 23, 1963, Mozart's opera masterpiece first appeared on the stage of the Siberian Coliseum thanks to the creative union of the theater's chief stage director Emil Pasynkov, chief conductor Mikhail Bukhbinder and chief artist Ivan Sevastyanov. This performance featured a brilliant cast of stars from the Novosibirsk Opera: Andrey Fedoseyev, Nikolay Dmitrienko. Alexey Levitsky, Vladimir Kirsanov, Galina Chizhova, Ariadna Gracheva, Rimma Zhukova. Nikolay Logutenko and others.

The production team of the new Don Giovanni, headed by Vyacheslav Starodubtsev, the theaters Chief Stage Director, not only returns this opera to the Novosibirsk stage, but also continues NOVATs Mozartiana (the theaters playbill presents the premieres of 2021-2022, beloved by the audience - The Magic Flute and Le Nozze di Figaro).

Don Giovanni is one of the most complex opera characters, vitally real and symbolic. G. Macchia outlined the complex conjugation of the character's personality as: "Freedom, carelessness, love for the present moment - and the frightening emptiness of eternity"...

A few words about the history of the creation of Mozart's Don Giovanni. After the huge success of Le Nozze di Figaro in Prague (May 1786), Mozart received an order from the Prague theater for a new opera. The composer's choice fell on the plot of Don Giovanni. He began composing music in May 1787, and premiere was held in Prague on October 29 of the same year. For the Vienna production (May 7, 1788), the author made some changes to the music of the opera. The libretto, written by L. da Ponte (1749-1838) in Italian, is kept in a comedic way. However, Mozart's music takes the opera beyond the comedy. The composer created a remarkably deep work, full of great passions and sharp clashes of characters.

The plot is based on an old legend about Don Giovanni, a daring adventurer, a brave and dexterous seducer of women. Originating in medieval Spain, this legend became widely known in many European countries. The plot was first developed by the Spanish playwright Tirso de Molina (1571-1648), subsequently attracting many writers, including Moliere and Goldoni. In the 19th century, Byron, Hoffmann, Pushkin, Merimee, and others referred to the image of Don Giovanni. The musicians also repeatedly used this theme - in 1761 Gluck's ballet Don Giovanni was staged in Vienna; a number of operas on the same plot are also known. In these works, the legend of Don Giovanni received different interpretations. In some of them, which have a religious and instructive coloring, Don Juan is characterized as a criminal, rude voluptuary who receives a well-deserved retribution. But oftentimes other, attractive features were emphasized in his image - fearlessness, a sense of honor, wit, the eternal search for an ideal, a brave rebellion against dilapidated moral norms.

The action takes place in Seville in the middle of the 17th century.


The life of a nobleman from Seville, Don Giovanni, is swift and full of adventures. Winning over women is his goal. The passion in his heart instantly flares up but goes out just as quickly. Loyalty, constancy is not for Don Giovanni. At the same time, dexterity and ingenuity allowed him to elude retribution and often saved him from death.

This time, Don Giovanni was captivated by the Commendatore's daughter, Donna Anna. He penetrates the beauty's bedroom at night with the usual audacity.

In the garden in front of the Commendatore's house, his servant Leporello impatiently awaits the return of Don Giovanni. Will the next adventure of the master end somehow?.. Indeed, an unenviable fate fell to the lot of Leporello. Dangers lie in wait for him at every step, and hes about to lose his head.

There is noise. Leporello barely has time to hide as he sees the fleeing master pursued by Donna Anna. He is sure that, as always, he will remain unrecognized and will have time to escape in time.

But Leporello's fears are justified. Hearing the screams, the Commendatore himself appears in the garden. The father stands up for the honor of his daughter without hesitation. Don Giovanni tries to evade the duel; it is not a great honor to defeat such a "decrepit avenger". The servants of the Commendatore stand up for the desecrated honor of Donna Anna, and Don Ottavio, her old admirer who unexpectedly appeared here, is among them. There comes a well-aimed blow, and the Commendatore, mortally wounded, falls to the ground. Don Giovanni and the frightened Leporello quickly hide. The Commendatore is dead. Donna Anna mourns her beloved father. Ottavio takes an oath to take revenge on the murderer.

Its early morning. The whole town is asleep. Only Don Giovanni and Leporello are awake. The servant, who has long been dissatisfied with his master, finally decides to express everything that boils in his heart. Having secured a promise not to be angry, he declares to the master that he leads the "life of a scoundrel". Yes, such frankness would have cost Leporello dearly if not for the word of a nobleman given to him by Don Giovanni.

What important business did bring Don Giovanni here, to the town square? Of course, a new pursuit of another beautiful lady. Tonight she will be waiting for Don Giovanni.

A stranger appears on the square, wrapped in a dark mantilla. Don Giovanni talks to her in the hope of a new adventure, but alas... He sees Donna Elvira in front of him, a girl deceived and abandoned by him. It is unbearable to listen to the complaints of the unfortunate girl ... Let Leporello better tell Elvira why his master then suddenly left. Having seized the moment, Don Giovanni quietly disappears.

Leporello is no stranger to predicaments, but he has no intention of defending his master today. Many women suffered the sad fate of Elvira. Leporello even had to make a list, otherwise he wouldnt remember everyone. Here it is, the list with the names of the beauties seduced by Don Giovanni: here are ladies of all classes and all nationalities, stupid and smart, rich and poor, young and old. Leporello advices signora to forget the deceiver...

Don Giovanni, having so successfully got rid of Elvira, returns with Leporello to his villa, located not far from the town. Suddenly a crowd of peasants appears on the road. Yes, this is a fun village wedding! And here is a bride and a groom. Zerlina, that's the name of the bride, is very sweet. How can Don Giovanni miss a happy opportunity? He just needs to get rid of the groom, but it's not difficult at all. Having won everyone over, Don Giovanni invites boys and girls to his castle, Leporello will treat them there to glory. Zerlina's chosen one, Masetto, should also go with them. His fiancee will remain here with Don Giovanni for the time being. Groom is unhappy? How dare he distrust a nobleman? Who knows how this dispute would have ended if Zerlina had not intervened. The village beauty is flattered by the attention of a noble gentleman and she sends Masetto to the castle, promising to come a little later.

Left alone with Zerlina, Don Giovanni assures the girl that she does not belong next to the country bumpkin, she deserves more. How wonderful their life would be if Zerlina became his wife. It's hard to resist such temptation. After some hesitation, the girl agrees to follow Don Giovanni. But Donna Elvira suddenly appears. She warns Zerlina against false assurances of love. The simple-hearted peasant woman must not become another victim of Don Giovanni.

...It's like some demon is destroying all Don Giovanni's plans today. Elvira manages to take the girl away. But that's not all. Don Giovanni will have another unpleasant meeting. Donna Anna and her fiancé still do not know who killed the Commendatore, and they have come to Don Giovanni in the hope of his friendly help. Realizing that he is beyond suspicion, Don Giovanni assures Donna Anna of his loyalty.

But here the situation becomes more complicated. Donna Elvira returns. She begs Donna Anna not to believe the deceiver and seducer. Don Giovanni is in a hurry to send the girl out, explaining her strange behavior with a frustrated mind.

Listening to Don Giovanni, Donna Anna remembers that this was the voice of the man who broke into her house at night. They must convict him. A terrible atrocity cannot go unpunished.

It is not in vain that Leporello serves Don Giovanni for so long, he has learned a lot. The dodger gaily tells how he entertained the peasants with jokes, lies and chatter, trying to lull Masetto's jealousy. Don Giovanni is happy - everything is going as planned! And how many girls can be added to his list tomorrow!

Zerlina tries to make amends with her fiancé. She is submissive and compliant. But the simple-hearted Masetto seemed to have been replaced. The guy has become suspicious, he does not believe a single word of the bride. If she was indifferent to Don Giovanni, why was Zerlina so excited by the signor's voice that had just been heard? Masetto tells the bride to stay in the garden while he hides himself. He will see how Zerlina behaves. Here is Don Giovanni. Now the cheat will not be able to escape from him. Ah, Masetto is there... Don Giovanni is embarrassed but quickly finds a way out. It turns out that he himself was looking for Masetto to invite to the holiday.

Suddenly, strangers in masks appear. Unaware that they are Donna Anna, Don Ottavio and Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni invites them to join the guests.

The height of the holiday. Masks enter. Keeping aloof from the rest of the guests, they watch Don Giovanni. But he is still cheerful. Today, only Zerlina owns his thoughts. That's just how to get rid of Masetto who does not take his eyes off the bride? As always, Leporello will help. While the faithful servant makes Masetto dance almost by force, Don Giovanni takes Zerlina away.

The girl's cries for help confuse the guests. It would seem that Don Giovanni cannot escape retribution. But he turns around again. The owner of the house is dragging the stubborn Leporello behind him. The servant wanted to dishonor the girl! It is useless to beg for mercy. Don Ottavio, threatening with a pistol, demands to stop the unworthy game - everyone perfectly guessed Don Giovanni's trick. Taking off their masks, Donna Anna and Donna Elvira expose the seducer.

Don Giovanni is embarrassed, he was recognized and the hour of reckoning is near. But there is no fear in his heart; Don Giovanni is ready to challenge everyone to a mortal battle.


Don Giovanni and Leporello came to the house of Donna Elvira on a dark, moonless night. The faithful servant is clearly out of sorts. Who would like this treatment? Recently, the master "jokingly" almost killed him. No, that's enough. Don Giovanni will have to look for another servant. Only a purse with five hard coins shook Leporello's resolve. Well, he will stay, but he agrees to follow orders only on one condition - the master must give up women.

But this is impossible. Doesn't Leporello understand that Don Giovanni's heart is open to all women? To be loyal to one is to offend others. So here, Don Giovanni came to Elvira's house for the sake of her pretty maid. To successfully complete the date, Leporello must exchange a cloak and a hat with him, a magnificent outfit of a nobleman can cause distrust in the maid.

The sad Donna Elvira appears on the balcony. She cannot forget her unfaithful lover. Don Giovanni has the happy thought of calling Elvira out of the house, while he himself makes his way to the maid without hindrance. Don Giovanni asks Elvira to go downstairs; he repented and loves her as before. When the girl comes out, disguised Leporello, posing as Don Giovanni, takes her away.

Don Giovanni sings a serenade under the window of another "victim". Masetto and the peasants appear, looking for the libertine. Their appearance is intimidating. Seeing that things are bad Don Giovanni pretends to be Leporello. He describes in detail the signs of the imaginary Don Giovanni and tells where to find him. Having sent the peasants in the footsteps of Leporello, who is walking nearby, Don Giovanni ruthlessly deals with Masetto, beating the unfortunate one. Zerlina arrives in time and gently comforts the groom. His jealousy is meaningless, for Zerlina there is no one more precious than Masetto.

Donna Anna and Don Ottavio suddenly enter, followed by Zerlina and Masetto. They mistake Leporello for Don Giovanni. Finally the villain will be punished! In vain Donna Elvira begs to forgive her repentant lover. Ottavio has already drawn his dagger, but... Leporello, frightened to death, manages to throw off his hat, and everyone sees that Don Giovanni's servant is in front of them. However, the situation is not changing for the better. All the recent tricks of Don Giovanni are immediately attributed to Leporello also, who allegedly used the costume of his master. Leporello barely takes his feet.

While Leporello risked his life, Don Giovanni wasted no time. On the street he met a pretty girl who mistook him for Leporello. Who knows how this adventure would have ended if the beauty had not realized in time that she had made a mistake and did not call for help.

Don Giovanni decided to hide in the cemetery. Someone else climbs over the dilapidated cemetery fence almost behind him. Oh yes, it's Leporello! Don Giovanni cheerfully tells the servant about his latest adventure. It turns out that he met Leporello's wife on the street. This strikes Don Giovanni as particularly amusing.

Suddenly someone's voice is heard: "You will end laughing this very night!" Has anyone played a joke on them? No, no one is here... Isn't this the Commendatore's statue? Leporello invites the stone statue to dinner on the orders of Don Giovanni. The statue nods in agreement. Leporello is horrified but Don Giovanni despises the danger. He repeats the invitation.

Donna Anna inconsolably yearns for her father. Don Ottavio asks her to calm down. Soon justice will punish the murderer.

In Don Giovanni's house everything is ready for dinner. The owner jokes nonchalantly. The unexpected arrival of Elvira interrupts the meal. The girl conjures Don Giovanni to give up such a life. Don Giovanni taunts Elvira by inviting her to dinner together.

Outraged, Elvira leaves. Looking out the door, Leporello almost loses his mind from fright: the statue of the Commendatore rises up the stairs, stepping heavily. There is a thunderclap, the lights go out.

The appearance of the statue amazes even the fearless Don Giovanni. The stone guest appeared to invite Don Giovanni over. In vain, trembling Leporello advises to refuse the invitation. But Don Giovanni was never a coward. He agrees! And Don Giovanni boldly holds out his hand to his guest. There is a new thunderclap. An unknown fear penetrates Don Giovanni's soul. The earth opens up. The sinner is in flames.

Donna Anna, Don Ottavio, Donna Elvira, Zerlina and Masetto come to witness the retribution of the offender, but they find only Leporello who tells them about what happened.