Small stage



Concert Director: Igor Bondarenko

one interval

Masterpieces of Russian Romance cycle, which is popular at NOVAT, will be graced with the concert The Magical Voice of Russian Romance. The new format of the program evokes the atmosphere of ancient music salons, which once glorified such great performers as Varvara Panina, Vera Zorina, Mikhail Vavich.

In the concert, soloists of the Novosibirsk Opera, accompanied by piano, will perform pieces by S. Donaurov, E. Abaza, A. Gurilyov, D. Pokrass, B. Fomin, N. Zubov, V. Kruchinin, A. Dubuque, V. Bakaleynikov, A. Varlamov, as well as romances by M. Blanter, S. Pokrass, A. Petrov, etc.