Music for Us

baroque cycle
concert in 2 parts

one intermission

Popular concerts of the cycle Music for Us are an engaging journey into the world of the Baroque. The amazing and bizarre Baroque era (the 17th century) breathed unprecedented splendor, grandiosity of compositions, techniques and discoveries into art and life. New genres appeared in music one after another: instrumental concert, solo concert, grand concert (Concerto Grosso), solo, trio sonata, fugue, toccata, suite. Finally, it was the Baroque era that gave the world Opera, Oratorio! Baroque music aspired to theatricality, pomp, emotional redundancy, grandiosity of compositions, colorfulness and virtuosity, but at the same time it had no equal in sophistication and preciosity, attention to detail. This "strange style", perceived by contemporaries as the destruction of the norms of the classics, exposed a storm of passions, tragic and philosophical confrontations, the sharpness and whimsicality of contrasts, the clash of opposites. The former orderliness, proportionality, harmony were shaken, the era of "consonance of the discordant" had come. It was the Baroque that gave the world a huge number of paramount creative personalities, authors of eternal and enduring music... Today, a huge layer of baroque music is one of the most soughtafter and popular.

The instrumental ensemble under the direction of Natalia Zhuk - which engages artists of the NOVAT Orchestra - together with soloists of the Novosibirsk Opera, as well as with the participation of chorus artists, perform vocal and instrumental works of European composers of the 17th-18th centuries in concerts of the cycle.