one-act ballet


Choreography: George Balanchine The George Balanchine Trust

Music: Igor Stravinsky, the Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra
Musical score is provided by Boosey&Hawkes Music Publishers Limited
Répétiteur: Nilas Martins
Musical director and Conductor: Dmitri Jurowski
Production designer: Vyacheslav Okunev
Lighting designer: Denis Solntsev
Ballet tutors: Vladimir Grigoriev, Victoria Ryazhenova, Galina Sedova

World premiere: 13 April 1967 at New York State Theater, New York, NY.

Premiered on 12 June 2019

Rubies is the second part of Jewels created by the famous choreographer and creator of The school of American ballet George Balanchine. Inspired by the ingenious artistry of jeweler Claude Arpels, Balanchine conceived and choreographed his first evening-length abstract ballet, choosing music perfectly, revealing the essence of each jewel. He explained it this way: Of course, I have always loved jewels; Im an Oriental after all, from Georgian in the Caucasus. I like the color of gems, the beauty of stones,. Balanchine created a masterpiece a ballet, where dance glimmers and sparkles like a light beam playing on planes and facets of jewels. The second part of Jewels, Rubies with Stravinskys music became a personification of jazz with its buoyancy and blazing energy. Rubies shine and sparkle, carving in stone the output of the Stravinsky and Balanchine collaboration.

Rubies Ballet production, Balanchine Ballet, presented in agreement with the George Balanchine Trust and prepared in accordance with the standards of Balanchine Style and Balanchine Technique, established and provided by Trust