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Masterpieces of Russian romance
Masterpieces of Russian romance
Masterpieces of Russian romance
Masterpieces of Russian romance

The Sleeping Beauty

ballet in three acts with a prologue
music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky


Nacho Duatos libretto based on the script by Ivan Vsevolozhsky and Charles Perraults tale of the same name.

Musical Director and Conductor: Dmitri Jurowski
Stage Choreographer: Nacho Duato
Stage Designer, Costume Designer: Angelina Atlagich
Lighting Designer: Brad Fields
Assistant Stage Choreographer: Zhanna Ayupova
Assistant Lighting Designer: Alexander Kibitkin

2 hours 50 minutes

two intermissions

The performance premiered on 21st October 2016

Tchaikovskys The Sleeping Beauty ballet rendered by a Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato is a unique approach for a classic work of our contemporary master, an outstanding smart and kind man. In this production Nacho Duato managed to create a charming magic mood in the dance language. I wanted to speak to the audience through their hearts told the choreographer you know these tales for kids you take one card, its a wood, you pick another one, its a castle... Its a tale, a fairy-tale for kids! This is especially important nowadays, when so many horrible things are happening. The perfect feel of music, the subtle sense of humor will be appreciated by the audience of all ages. Created in St.-Petersburg of 2011, this ballet holds a place in the repertoires of the Mikhailovsky theatre and Berlin State Opera.


Its princess Auroras christening. Members of the royal household are waiting for the King Florestan and the Queen. Master of Ceremonies Catalabutte is checking the invitation list. The celebration begins. Auroras godmother the Lilac Fairy appears surrounded by her retinue. Good Fairies congratulate the girl of the day.

Frightened servants discuss the arrival of another guest, the evil Carabosse Fairy, who hasnt received her invitation due to Catalabuttes negligence. King and Queen look disturbed, foreboding trouble. Carabosse Fairy appears. How can she be forgotten? To requite the wrongs she announces that Aurora will become the most beautiful and smart princess of all, but she will prick at a knitting needle and fall into eternal sleep.

Lilac Fairy softens the sentence of an evil Fairy. She predicts that Aurora will fall into sleep, but not forever on one day a prince charmed by her beauty will wake her from everlasting sleep.

Act I

Princess Aurora is sixteen years old. This festive occasion gathers noble guests and suitors.

Aurora appears. Suitors are being introduced to her. The Princess is nice with everyone, ready to dance with each of them, but no one captures her preference. Suddenly, Aurora sees an old lady among the guests; shes holding a strange item in her hands, which draws her attention. Intrigued, the Princess takes the needle and starts dancing with it. Once she pricks a finger, Aurora faints and falls.

The guests are petrified to recognize the evil Carabosse Fairy. She exults in her victory.

Lilac Fairy, Auroras protector soothes her parents. Princess Aurora will not die. She will only drag the whole kingdom into everlasting sleep. As the century goes by the Princess will wake up and the evil curse will fall.

Act II

A hundred years have passed. Prince Désiré is hunting in the forest with his friends and posse. The hunters and courtesans spend their time playing and entertaining. Once Prince Désiré is left alone, the Lilac Fairy appears before him. She tells him about Aurora. He is craving to see her. Prince Désiré and the Lilac Fairy are floating through the silent forest to the palace, wrapped up in slumber.

Carabosse Fairy and her servants reside in a park overrun with weeds. All of a sudden they hear the sound of the approaching Lilac Fairy.

Carabosse has no power over her.

Désiré finds the Princess and brings her back with a kiss.


Its the wedding of Princess Aurora and Prince Désiré at King Florestans palace. Guests from far and wide arrive to congratulate the lovebirds. The guests include characters from other tales fairies and princes. The bride couple is dancing. The fairy-tale ends up with the triumph of good over evil, just like the Lilac Fairy predicted.