Production Director: Yulia Prokhorova
Production Designer: Vyacheslav Okunev
Lighting Designer: Denis Solntsev
Video Content Designer: Vadim Dulenko
Musical Director of the production and Conductor: Pavel Sorokin
Conductors: Evgeny Volynsky, Karen Durgaryan
Choreographer: Leonid Sarafanov
Teachers-tutors: Viktor Barykin, Larisa Vasilevskaya, Vladimir Grigoriev, Victoria Ryazhenova, Galina Sedova

Divertissement is a ballet gala concert, with dramaturgy of contrasts, a change of impressions and images, its a kind of bright cascade of choreographic masterpieces from different eras - with the music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Sergei Prokofiev, Caesar Pugni and Riccardo Drigo, Boris Asafyev, Valery Gavrilin, Alexander Tsfasman, Moritz Moshkovsky and others. The names of choreographers are also impressive: Vasily Vainonen and Asaf Messerer, Leonid Lavrovsky and Agrippina Vaganova, John Neumeier, Vladimir Vasiliev, etc. The ballet festival is presented to us by a wonderful production team, the NOVAT Ballet Company and Orchestra, students of the Novosibirsk Choreographic College, and, of course, masters of visual stage effects set design, lighting, costumes.

What is a divertissement? In French divertissement and in Italian divertimento means "entertainment". So, they call it a series (a certain sequence) of concert numbers: if a divertissement is inside a plot performance, then, as a rule, it is not part of the plot development.

Divertissements became especially popular in the 17-18th centuries sometimes the dance became a separate act within the performance, and sometimes with the help of it, the plot of the production was explained to the audience during the intermission.

In classical ballet, divertissement has not disappeared it is included in productions as bright numbers for soloists, sometimes it is presented by so-called characteristic dances. One of the most famous divertissements on the modern theatre stage is the second act of The Nutcracker, when Marie and the Prince get to the fabulous city of Confiturenburg, where various folk dances are performed for them Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and the dance of shepherds. But today divertissement is not only part of the performance. He has earned the rights of an autonomous concert spectacle.

The program includes:
S. Chernetsky. "Suvorovtsy" (choreography by V. Varkovitsky)
"Pavlova and Cecchetti", miniature with the music of P. Tchaikovsky (choreography by J. Neumeier)
B. Asafyev. Basque dance from the ballet "The Flame of Paris" (choreography by V. Vainonen)
S. Prokofiev. The balcony scene from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" (choreography by L. Lavrovsky)
"The Football Player", miniature with the music of A. Tsfasman (choreography by A. Messerer)
M. Moshkovsky. Waltz (choreography by V. Vainonen)
V. Gavrilin. Tarantella from the ballet "Anyuta" (choreography by V. Vasiliev)
C. Pugni, R. Drigo. Pas de deux of Diana and Actaeon from the ballet "Esmeralda" (choreography by A. Vaganova)

* The program and the cast are subject to change