In the Rhythm of May Day

festive concert in 1 part


Stage Director Igor Bondarenko
Music Director Natalia Zhuk

1 hour 15 minutes

May Day!.. The wonderful holiday of spring and labour is celebrated annually in many countries, with their own traditions and national characteristics. Having originated as the day of international workers' solidarity, it often coexists with the more ancient holidays of the arrival of spring. Our ancestors associated May 1 with the awakening of nature and the beginning of agricultural work. On this day, rituals were performed so that the land would give a rich harvest. Along with the traditions of demonstrations and street processions, this holiday (however, like many holidays) is accompanied by folk festivals, concerts, and performances, and sometimes entire musical marathons.

In the current spring marathon of NOVAT, the rhythms of May Day with their wide range and diversity will pick up the baton. Favourite, popular, eternally young songs will be performed: March of Enthusiasts with the everyday life of great construction sites, the brisk and assertive Road Song-Youth Song from the movie Volga-Volga, the most spring song of Soviet cinema Murmuring Streams, the music of the bright and kind operetta White Acacia by I. Dunayevsky; Good Girls with lights of cheerful eyes is a wonderful song by Alexandra Pakhmutova in the rhythm of a foxtrot And there will be many, many song masterpieces, spring May Day surprises!

The soloists of the Novosibirsk Opera together with the Chamber Ensemble Music for Us celebrate the May Day holiday with a joyful, bright concert full of spring mood, energy, enthusiasm, youth and beauty!

*The design of the page uses materials from open sources, in particular, the publication of L. Tkachenko's painting May Day on Vasilyevsky Island in Leningrad